Background white static noise even with microphones muted

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EVEN when everyone's microphone is muted I can hear a loud background white noise.


I found threads discussing this topic, but none gave normal answers beside the usual, restart, reinstall audio drivers, check with other devices, etc, etc, I did all of them.


If I mute Teams in volume mixer like this, the noise goes away, but that's obviously not a solution, I can't hear anyone like this.




I'm using a 250$ Beyer headphones with good quality DAC. I don't hear any background noise in any app, BUT in Teams and Skype. Discord, Teamspeak, EVERY game voice comms) work WITHOUT ANY NOISE.


What steps could I take to make Teams work without my ears bleeding?


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Bump. Problem still exists

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@AkroMenToSI'm not sure what this could be since it does work with other services on your PC, but I know that Teams does use some cloud based audio algorithms to help audio with all participants which is why they stress certified devices.  This is why they have the link to the certified audio devices here.


You might be having something with your DAC that is battling what is happening in the cloud.  Partners go through a lot of testing for their solutions to be certified because there are some things that need to happen to make sure everyone has a quality experience on the calls and all audio devices need to adhere to the testing put forth by Microsoft.  Maybe try a certified device on your PC just as a test to see if the issue goes away just as a test.

@AkroMenToS This is likely comfort noise. No way to turn it off as far as I know. You might be able to eliminate it with a third-party application like DeskFX but I haven't tested this.

@James VaughanThanks I'll just sit tight while I have to use Teams, I'm not going to purchase another audio device just for this. I assumed Teams to just work as Discord / Teamspeak and not need any specific hardware to use.


@Ryan SteeleThat's interesting didn't know such a thing existed, although it sounds odd to me that some company would implement intentional noise into their software without adding an option to turn it off.

I really think this issue should be treated as a bug. I'm experiencing it as well, on all my computers, with decent enough audio gears on them.

Even if confort noise may be useful during calls, when everyone is muted (aka. absolute silence wanted) or you're the only one left in a call (maybe waiting for other people to come back in), you just have this annoying and useless static. Like @AkroMenToS  mentioned, this behavior would be consistent with most other VoIP applications, and in my opinion greatly improve use experience.

@AkroMenToS same problem here. Zoom and all other Video conferencing programs run fine. 



This happens on both iOS app and Windows app. Can reproduce by joining a meeting, having someone speak, then mute all. There is an audible background white noise. It goes away as soon as you leave and come back. But the white noise is back as soon as someone speak.

Im having the same issue,


since covid epidemic the company i work for turned full home office, and we're using teams to every meet we have.


Since then i got this annoying wheezing sound in my head for the whole meeting.


note that this wheezing dont happen in other applications such as Slack, Discord, Team Speak etc..


Thats a bug guys, accept it and fix it! 




It looks like someone has created a UserVoice for this issue. Please vote on it if this is affecting you.

@AkroMenToS and all,

Had to use an add-on SW (KRISP.COM) but it worked. Can still use the Windows application of Teams and my premium over-the-ear headphones! Maybe you need to make an acquisition MSFT?! That SW company figured it out!!

@AkroMenToSIn my case, Teams usually starts off fine. At some point during a meeting, I believe when others have turned on and then turned off their mics, the white noise starts. I teach and give my students time to work. When they are working and everyone is muted, all I hear is the white noise. I have a DAC that works wonderfully everywhere else, so I know it's a Teams issue.

@James Vaughan 


This seems to be throwing doubt at OP's DAC of choice and its quality.


I understand they are not on the certified audio device list but iPhone (11 in my case) and Airpod Pro are widely available devices that's generally considered quality. And I'm telling you that the static noise issue is happening there. It's also happening on Dell laptop with realtek audio, Mac laptops with whatever built in audio. It's not a hardware issue it's a software issue.

@AkroMenToS Same thing on my PowerBeats. This only happens to me on bluetooth devices. Good on Laptop speakers or wired earphones.

I have the same issue.  It continues even if I am the one speaking and begins cutting into my microphone, making it hard for others to hear me.  It's horribly unprofessional to try and run meetings with my student's parents.   @AkroMenToS 

I am also facing the same issue, This issue is only with the MTR devices, when i checked it with the web app or any laptop.. woooo.. magic .... no background noise, nothing .. .. So problem in MTR device.... @Pernille-Eskebo please look into it urgently...