Android Do Not Disturb Prevents Teams Voice Calls

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I just started using my personal Android device as my BYOD work phone. I have had the Android DND on at night allowing only favorite contact calls to come in. Now I need to allow calls to come in via Teams Voice at night. I've setup Teams (all functions) as an app whose notifications are allowed during DND time as an exception, but this doesn't allow Teams calls to come through DND. The closest I get is allowing all calls during DND time but when I do all that happens is that Teams wakes up so I can see a call coming in, but there is no ring tone. That won't wake me up in the middle of the night if I get a call.

Any ideas?
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Hello sm4astan,
U might need to set the team app as your default and allow all permissions, also U must revoke permissions from your previous used app . Try it it would work.
What default does it not to be set for? Phone? Or something else? Thanks for the fast response.
on your phone go to settings ,app management then u get a list of options , click on defaults apps and choose the team app
Teams does not seem to be able to be set as a default app for any of the options listed, including phone. Going into teams, it shows no defaults are set and also does not allow any to be selected.

I have this issue also. It only gives a notification ding, not a continual ring that can wake me from sleep, when in DND.

Same here, just the sing notification. Disable DND and it works, set tams app to be allowed in DND and still won't work. This is frustrating for on call work.