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Can anyone point me to steps to fix an android camera issue ?
Teams has worked fine in the past on my phone, but is now broken since a couple of weeks.

I had a similar issue in the past and clearing all data + reinstalling fixed the problem.

However this time none of that seems to work.

I have tried using the beta app as well, no luck.

The only workaround I have found so far it to use my browser in desktop mode, which works but is pretty clumsy.


Camera works fine in all other app I have used so far... only Teams seems to be problematic.


I wonder if it is related to the phone brand / OS ?

Phone: Oppo Reno 2Z

OS: Android 11 / ColorOS 11.1


Permissions are all fine (AFAIK). 

Symptoms: video just appears black, and switching to back camera does not seem to do anything.


Are there any logs available in android which would shine some light on the issue?


Any ideas?

All help would be appreciated.


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Is there a support channel somewhere for the Android app ?

Hi @Freddy2298   No separate discussion forum for Teams mobile apps. Tech support is available at or, where authorized agents are available to troubleshoot issues until they are resolved.