Add a "web page" to an MS Team

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I am brand new to Microsoft Teams and been asked by my manager to add a self-service tab that provides self-service content and resources.  My manager's vision is that this looks like a mini self-service web site embedded in teams that has a home page with text and graphical elements such that when you click on them then you are displayed other web pages such as a nicely displayed flow chart on how our budgeting process works with links to additional resources that are in the form of hive training, ppt, docs, videos, and web pages that describe more.


Is this possible? Do I need to be a developer to do it? I know some basic html but not javascript or programming languages. I've designed many public, extranet, intranets and product UIs but always directed developers although once html pages are created I can typically update them myself. 


Any suggestions on how to do this and where to start?  I began reading the manuals but my head started spinning. It really looks like you must be a true developer to be able to make this happen. Is there an alternative way that achieves the same self-service ability but not building a mini web site that is embedded? 


Appreciate any help.  I'm a newbie, so please be kind :)  Don't know what I don't know. 


Hope this makes sense!


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This can be done by creating a SharePoint page in the underlying SharePoint site.

If you want this web page across multiple teams then create a new SharePoint Site and amend the homepage of the new site and permission accordingly.

@Andrew Hodges  Thank you!