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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Accessing all attendance reports as a admin

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Hi All, 


Is it possible as a global Admin can we download previous attendance reports for all teams meetings? and can the organiser of a meeting access the attendance reports of previous meetings held by them? 


Please helpp!

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@AB21805 If you add the CQD dashboard to Power BI you are able to export information from meetings held up to 30 days back in time.

Hi @Par Linderoth,


Is this the only option? is this easy to do (sorry I'm not the best with Power BI)


Has admin not got an option in Analytics and Reports? to pull meeting attendance reports? 


Thanks in advance. 

@AB21805 It is fairly easy but if you have never used the CQD before it might take some time to setup and get the date. Once you got the data for that meeting it is easy to export it to a CSV file and use in Excel.


Here is some info about CQD in Power BI:


From what I know it is not possible to do in Analytics and Reports.

Hi @Par Linderoth 


I have managed to add CQD but i have no clue on which query to use! can you help? 


Thanks in advance

Hi @AB21805 


It seems that we are offthe track on the Thread. For meeting Attendance reports currently only the meeting attendance report can be downloaded during the meeting. For all the past meetings for which we need to have the meeting attendance report we need to wait for the Feature release from Microsoft Engineering Team.


Here is the Uservoice for the same


Hope this answers the query.


With Regards,

Satish U

Hi @Satish2805,


Thank you so much for this! So in the mean while till this feature is done, is it possible through Power BI? Using the CQD report templates for attendance reports for meetings?


Thanks in advance

Hello AB,

No there is no method currently available to download the reports.

With Regards,
Satish U

@AB21805 If you go to CQD and use the CQD Helpdesk Report you can do it. Search for the user who organized the meeting. Right-click and choose Drill through -> User Activities.  Find the meeting and right-click and choose Drill through -> Conference details. You will now see the participants of the meeting and can export the data to Excel if you like.

Hi @Par Linderoth ,


Thanks so much for this, How do I find the name of the team rather than the conference ID or even find out how to find the conference ID for a particular team so I know how to Identify that im looking at the correct team?


Also How to I export this as an excel ?

@AB21805 You need to know a user who was in the meeting and the date and time of the meeting. Then it is just a matter of searching in the CQD information.


In PowerBI you can click the ellipsis (...) on a part of the report and select to export the info in that part.

Hi @ThereseSolimeno 


Is there a place like this but for instance at a school Year managers would like to see activity through a CSV format for all classes rather than just one or a few. This would make it a lot easier to manage. 

I wonder how we can download the multiple meeting attendance reports in bulk, instead of clicking them one by one in the channel...



Thank you!

Not applicable.

Thanks a lot for your prompt tips! Looking forward to it.