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I would appreciate some assistance on a Teams matter. I received an invite for a daily Teams meeting. I want to accept the invite, but only attend the Monday meeting. My Teams and Outlook calendar now shows me busy for the whole week. How do I accept the Monday meeting and get the rest of the week's entries out of my diary? The end result is I only want the Monday's meeting in my dairy.




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You can do so from within your Outlook Calendar - select the entry, right-click, accept, and decide between accepting the given occurrence or the series.

@Braham1130 If the series is not very long, the simplest option would be to accept it, and to decline individual instances Tue to Fri.

Another option is to change "Show as" from "Busy" to "Free" for the entire series, and then set it back to "Busy" for Mondays' instances. I won't remove the events from your calendar but you'll appear free on the other days.

@VasilMichev  Thanks for the replay, I have done what you suggested and have achieved the outcome I expected. Unfortunately this is very time consuming, and a meeting that is scheduled for a year will be a pain. It would be nice to have the functionality to be able to accept meeting, but to be able to select what you want to accept from a series.  

@Deleted Thanks for the reply. I have gone with the manual root of accepting and declining individual meetings. Regards 

For accepting 1 of 5 meetings, tentatively accepting the series, and then once the meeting is saved to calendar, accepting the occurrence and declining rest of the meetings makes sense. But if it is a daily meeting spanning more than a month, it would be better to decline the meeting and emailing the meeting organizer to forward just one occurrence to you.

PS: I tried tentatively accepting the series invite, forwarding one of the occurrences to myself, rejecting the series and accepting my occurrence-invite email, but it did not work out.