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I don't know if this problem is related to Teams or Outlook/Exchange so if is not appropriate here could be ignored or deleted.


I have to manage Teams meetings for two accounts. Because in the MS Teams app will be impossible to log-off/log-on each time, maybe a "switch account" command would be usefull :), I have tried to use the Outlook calendar and the "New Teams Meeting" option.

The problem is that this option is "fixed" for the account logged on Teams app. No matter which calendar I have selected, it would create the "Join" link for a single tenant/account. If I logon with another user in the Teams app then restart Outlook, will generate join links for the other account/tenant.


Is there an easier way to "switch" Teams account or use the Oulook option for schedule meetings instead of using "in private" browser windows where I don't have a general view of both calendars?

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You can delegate the rights to create meetings from one account to the other. So User A allows User B to schedule their Teams meetings.


I wrote a blog article about this


Hi @Linus Cansby


Thank you for your message and I apologize I did not explain correctly.

I am the user to need to manage appointments for two accounts in two different companies/tenants.

I have an account in "" domain and another account in "" domain so delegation is not possible in this case.

And using the Outlook client would be easier to manage calendar for both companies but it seems not possible because the join link is "fixed" to only one tenant.


It it possible in this case to do some Teams Scheduling easier?


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Okay, I see. Then maybe using the Teams calendar is the best option for you. You will not be able to see both calendars at the same time but you will be able to schedule Teams meetings in the correct tenant.


You can use the Teams Web Application for one of the accounts and the desktop client for the other Teams account.

Could you help me please


Could you help me please with my login password for the glow please thank you 

Hi Linus,


And thank you for confirmation... it seems I've already using the "best" option... I hoped to be more like the Outlook account - when you select a mailbox and create a new message to send the message using that mailbox address but it seems with Teams is another story. :smile:


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 I faced this challenge myself. Let me preface with, I am a Mac user and I'm not sure to what extent the Outlook client for Mac varies. With that said, I own a MSP and frequently work with multiple domains. I often want to send or receive email as or Initially, I followed the recommended path of shared or delegated privileges. I ran into several limitations as in the Teams scenario. 


To work around, instead of using the shared/delegate model, I added each,, etc as accounts in Outlook. I get all the functionality and none of the limitations. I will send a Teams invite as my business account, and a minute later send a Teams invite as, and then


I've also found that it is helpful to have separate *.ost files for larger mailboxes. Microsoft says it doesn't make a difference but with large mailboxes 40GB+ I have issues far more often using delegate access. 


Let me know if this works for you. 




Hi @tmabaker ,


Thank you for your suggestion but it seems that it does not apply to me, either because of "Outlook for Windows", either I'm just a "lucky" guy. :smile:


I have already added all of my accounts to Outlook and the messaging part is working without any problem - replying to a message into one account will automatically complete the email address of that account.


But my Office 365/Teams tenants are personalized so even the meeting will go to proper calendar when using the "New Teams Meeting" button, the part below the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" will be personalized from a single tenant - the one I'm logged on Teams Desktop App.


Maybe for the Mac, they did a better integration, and with all the updates that came to Teams in the last period, maybe they'll work better with Outlook integration.


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@LucianC  - great explanation of the issue!  I have the exact same problem. Writing back to let others know the issue isn't an isolated problem. Also, hoping to hear back if the problem is ever resolved.


I agree that a "switch" accounts or the ability to select an account when creating a Teams meeting in outlook would be very useful.







I have this exact problem also. Multiple tenants with Teams. All accounts added within Outlook, but when I try to create a Teams mtg from an email that wasn't the first email associated in Outlook, it appears on that email account calendar, but the meeting looks like it is actually hosted on the first account's Teams tenant. I get "someone will invite you in" when I am the organizer.  



@Symnoian I have the exaxt same problem and would really like a drop-down on the create Teams meeting in outlook, where I could select the account to use.

@jlk100 same problem, multiple accounts in Outlook (windows, o365 E3) simply does not work. It gives a permission error: "Looks like you don't have permissions to schedule meetings for this account. Talk to the owner to get permission and try again."