Large Gallery not showing all of the video feeds

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Hello. We are using teams for higher education exam monitoring. We didn't have any problems with the large gallery view so far and even used screen sharing with it to display all 49 participants in the recordings. 

Today one of our academic staff initiated a meeting from the calendar and out of 35 students that joined the meeting, we were only able to see the video feeds of 13. She was using the desktop app, updated and stopping screen sharing, rejoining the meeting or going full screen did not help. We tried with other users as well but we couldn't display all of the students' video feeds. We pinned and spotlighted but still we kept seeing the initials in a box for certain students.

Students tend to join meetings with their webcams and mics turned off at first and then switch them on later so in the end we told them to join the meeting with their webcams on from the start and it was the only way we got to see the missing video feeds.

Has anyone experienced something similar recently? Any suggestions for a real solution?

Thanks in advance. 

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