Turn off Assignment notifications for teachers

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We have made one team per class of students with teachers as owners of the team, as per our country's policy. Problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way to set it so that Teachers don't get pinged every time some assingment is given to all of the pupils. It seems that the ping comes from the program automatically pinging the whole team which is bad. This also means we can't just turn off in notifications this type of event, because most still want to get notifications when a person mentions them, rather than a headless program.


So is there a way for teachers on android and ios phones not to be notified about assignments that other teachers make?

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Thank you for your post, you're absolutely right. As an HOD assistant I'm registered in every class in the entire school and my phone/PC does not stop beeping with notifications from assignments. This is an urgent issue that needs to stop @Pernille-Eskebo and the original post was up since September! As I'm sure complaints must have come in even earlier than that

@blazodjurovic "We have made one team per class of students with teachers as owners of the team, as per our country's policy". 

That is not a very good policy. We had rolled out teams in two different ways, for junior classes we used your approach and for senior classes we created a team per grade subject group. Our experience with the junior learners' teams was as you described it. It was horrible. Going forward I therefore do not recommend that approach. One team for each subject+grade with one teacher. Then use channels to create a timeline. If you need supervision, you can always add another teacher to your team as a 'peer reviewer'.

@blazodjurovic Also searching for an answer to the same issue - we have instructors working alongside the lecturers at different levels.  The assignments notifications are fine for the lecturers at that level but not relevant to either the instructors or lecturers working at different levels.  Having one team and separate channels would be too complicated for our students to handle - they are already struggling with a general channel and a chat/calls channel.   

I completely agree, as a specialist subject teacher added to a year group team I really don't need to be updated every 5 seconds with assignments that do not concern me.  It is driving me and other specialist teachers completely round the bend and worse than that it is interrupting our other teaching.


There has to be a solution.




We can turn off assignment notifications. But it is yourself.

If you want turn off banner, peed and assignment notification,

then you can turn off any notification in here.




1 is option of meeting notification.

2 is option of team notification.

so, you can turn off assignment notification on 2.


@Marius Pretorius 


Speaking from the perspective of someone teaching vocational, I have to say I disagree.


Having classes and their respective subjects in one place is a much easier/better place to keep track of students' progress. Even more so if you're their councillor.


The fact that the option to manage posting notifications still has not been added is a serious lack of Microsoft's effort to continue to improve Microsoft Teams's functionality.


It seems that now that lots of schools are back to teaching per usual (meaning; less online), they have simply dropped the project. We were forced to choose Microsoft's services instead of Google's (which we had been using for years in great content) due to changes in privacy laws and the companies' adjustment to them. 


Unless this option is added, I will make sure we switch back to Google at our earliest convenience.