Following our recent article on "whats new In Teams", we are excited to announce Microsoft’s partnership with RealWear, maker of ruggedized head-mounted wearable devices that support digital transformation in industrial environments such as manufacturing, utilities, wind power and oil & gas. This partnership brings together RealWear devices and Microsoft Teams for the Firstline Workers to deliver a purpose-built experience for field service in safety-critical environments.

HMT-1 and HMT -1Z1.png

Image of both RealWear devices HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1


Many field service tasks by firstline workers need them to be 100% hands-free and yet collaborate remotely with an expert for a more efficient repair or fix. RealWear’s voice-operated Android platform integrated with Teams allows field workers to video call with remote experts and show what they see and hear in real-time. This accelerates the time to resolve issues and reduces the risk of expensive downtime, which is especially helpful given current travel restrictions.



Image shows the work flow between Firstline worker and Remote Expert


Microsoft Teams on RealWear is built on the same secure & compliant services that power Teams across Desktop, Mobile or Room Systems – meaning Field Workers & Remote Experts no longer need separate applications or logins for remote assistance. For organizations that use Teams for communication and RealWear hands-free devices for Field Service, this means a reduced management overhead for IT Admins while delivering a simpler experience for remote experts & field workers.



Image show the view experience on the RealWear device


RealWear offers an eyepiece that is an adjustable micro-display that appears like a 7" tablet, for very clear viewing.  This allows the field worker to share what they are seeing with remote experts at various locations. RealWear also offers workers voice commands in 12 languages, allowing users to simply navigate Teams using only their voice.  Even in high noise environments. For insights into how this experience looks like, take a look at the following demo video.



Image of the HMT-1 and three key features


HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 features:

  • 100% Hands Free
  • Unmatched noise cancelling
  • PPE compatible – clips onto Hard hats, ball caps, bump caps, and a variety of accessories
  • Battery that lasts an entire shift
  • Outdoor display
  • Water resistant
  • Dust tight
  • Shock Resistant
  • Built rugged
  • Intrinsically safe – ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1 
    • Available in the HMT-1Z1 only



HMT-1 HMT1Z1.png

Image of both RealWear models - HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1




Microsoft Teams on RealWear will be available later this year. For more information and where to buy visit Learn more about Teams on RealWear 

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It's amazing!

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I assume you are not aware of this, but has provided fun support, plus extensions, on Skype for Business for over 1 year and for Microsoft Teams, right now. In addition they support RealWear and several other alternatives.

therefore, in the spirit of Microsoft's support for partners and ecosystem, I strongly encourage to connect with Jujotech and collaborate with them as they have over 18 months of experience with real customers in a variety of industrial settings.


What is unfortunate is that RealWear has been fully aware of the availability of the solution but has resisted it for over 18 months as they were promoting an competitive alternative to Microsoft, while ignoring the requests from al the customers that were demanding an integration with Skype and Teams.

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Great as far as it goes, and it looks flashy in the brochure. But meanwhile, absolutely basic UI features which would benefit the majority of users go unfixed:


  • No search on the Wiki
  • No way to set the defaults for audio and video on calls
  • No compact chat mode so you can reclaim screen space
  • The chat UI that guides you to making new threads
  • No customization options - no font selection, no color selection, etc

All requested and voted on thousands of times. All ignored for years. All relatively small changes. A big push to fix as many of these as possible would create a far bigger positive response from your existing users than the introduction of new headline features.

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Top...Bitte um mehr Information, wie man Teams auf den Geräten installiert


I think you haven't seen what is delivering with remote functionalities. They work with not only Realwear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, but also Vuzix M300, Vuzix M400 and other smart glasses in the market. Current teams app has only video communication tools, but VSight Remote adds


- PDF collaboration,

- HD freeze mode,

- Real augmented reality support,

- 3D file collaboration

- On the fly recording of sessions.


You should definitely talk with VSight team to deliver the best expertise sharing experience.

Auch wir die Beeware GmbH arbeiten seit etwa 2 Jahren mit RealWear zusammen und können den Einsatz der HMT1 wirklich empfehlen! Der Einsatz dieser Datenbrille in Zusammenhang mit unserer Software Lösung SODALIS hat sich etabliert und bewährt. Sehr gerne geben wir Ihnen dazu detailiertere Informationen. Besuchen Sie uns auf unserer Website .


Thank you for the comments and the suggestions we will certainly review these with our engineering teams. 

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We are excited to see the current functionality of Teams on the HMT, we have viewed a lot of software and use more advanced packages as well. Is there a road map for Teams on RealWear that we can get? Where can we ask questions that don't necessarily belong here in posts about Teams on RealWear?



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Will the Teams application be pre-installed upon purchase or would the user need to install after purchasing? If so what is the installation process?


Thank you. 


The Teams application will be available as an app on the RealWear Foresight application for you to download and activate with your current Teams credentials. 

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So close to a perfect add on for the HMT-1...
Couple of ideas I'm sure have already been mentioned

  • Needs live zoom capabilities during stream
  • Needs ability to add additional contacts to view stream - perhaps allow HMT-1 user to choose to view other participants
  • The flashlight is 'right there' :)
  • Jumping off to take a picture seems bumpy / disconnected to remote user - would be nicer if capability was during 'broadcast'
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2nd for @gpc10347 's suggestions. Also, bring back the share my screen. It'd be pretty helpful for users that are new to the platform. Also need to be able to hide the commands on the screen as right now they cover up chat messages.