Sharing a recording of a Teams meeting/webinar with hundreds of external attendees

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Sorry if this is a stupid question. One of my colleagues runs webinars in Teams with 600+ external attendees. He records the meetings, and the recordings are stored in his OneDrive. He wants to share the recordings with all the original attendees, plus anybody who wasn't able to tune in on the day. That's potentially 1,000+ people from outside our organisation. Is Stream (on Sharepoint) suitable for this purpose, or is it mainly intended to be used within an organisation or tenant? Up until now, we've been uploading the recordings to a third-party video hosting platform.

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It is maybe suitable but if your tenant disables "anyone with the link" sharing then in this scenario you'd be typing (or copy/pasting email addresses) for all those external attendees.

@LynnProspect  - As Kevin mentioned you'd need to use the "Anyone" links to accomplish this so that you could easily allow those 1,000+ people to watch it, otherwise typing in email addresses wouldn't be feasible. 


The "Anyone" public anonymous playback of video files (or any file for that matter from ODB/SPO) is throttled heavily. So if all 1,000+ people tried to watch the video in the same day some of them likely would get blocked, I don't know off the top of my head what the limit is but it's based on the number of GBs of content sent from ODB/SPO over an "anyone link". The intention of the ODB/SPO "anyone links" is mostly for small scale sharing to a few people. 


We are exploring how we can work toward better public anonymous sharing for videos in ODB/SPO but we don't yet have a plan/timeline we can share.