Yammer Live Event, the authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource

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I have 2 users, who are members of a private group and can access the group, but are not able to view the live stream,  "the authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource".  I am able to replicate this issue using a QA account that was granted access to this Yammer group.  Could it be that Yammer is not passing credentials or some kind of authentication to Stream?  BTW, the Stream link does not work either similar error message "This may not be for you....it looks like you don't have permission to watch this video" . I guess this is why it's in Preview?

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Following. As I guess - it could be related to users who are members of groups in both Stream & Yammer -get such similar message.

This is what one of the user sees in Stream: "Unable to display videos because you are not authorized to do so". 

cc: @Marc Mroz

@Scott TupperWe've just had exactly the same issue on our first Yammer Live Event as a company. Did you ever get to the bottom of your problem?
We had at least 11 people who were members of the private group unable to see the video with exactly the error message you described (although other users were able to see the video - seemingly no pattern between who could and couldn't). We changed the group to public and seemingly everyone was then able to access the video.

Haven't seen this lately as business has slowed.  I was hoping that @Marc Mroz or someone from MS could shed some light, as it appears to be an authentication issue between Yammer and Stream.@Ben_Avery 

We just experienced the same issue and it's unfortunate that the stream is targeted to the executive leadership team. Confidence level of this platform is probably going to take a hite. Going to submit a premier ticket @Scott Tupper