Sharing videos via email not working

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I want to be able to share videos to a group that I made in Microsoft Teams. I have already uploaded the video to the group but I want everyone that is part of the group to get an email that the video is uploaded which is what I assumed that email to @groupname function was for.

Even though I have shared the video to the group via email, no one in the whole group gets an email at all and the video is not shared. The only way people get an email is if I share the video person to person individually. However, this does not work for groups work with groups with 100+ people. Is there any way to share with the whole group at once via email?\

**the image below is how I am sharing the video



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@AyoOba we to are having this issue did you find a fix for this?

@AyoOba Hello, Did you solve this issue? I'm facing this same issue. Where can we report this to solve the issue swiftly and quickly?

@AyoOba Same problem here, any solution?