Wirecast is not connecting to MS Stream


I have a customer who is trying to connect Wirecast encoder to MS Stream live event.

But he is getting an error message :


We have tried , on VPN and without VPN but same issues.


Can Any one help ?


Thank you 

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Stream does not need credentials, by chance did you try entering in those?

Can you provide a screenshot from the Output Settings? 


@Scott Tupper 


Its not getting connected at the initial stage itself. When we enter the RTMP / RTMPs link it give an error message which I shared in the inital message .

do you know if port 1935 is open at the firewall?  It's not a common port and a lot of network guys like to close down non-essential ports.@Susheel_Dogra 

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@Scott Tupper 


TCP ports 1935 and 1936 are open.


TCP ports 2935 and 2936 are open.


Thank you