Way for Office 365 admins to suppress their users from signing up for the Stream preview

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We have found out that we now see "Microsft Stream" license on our Office 365 tenant as one of our user signed up for Microsoft Stream Preview with UPN associated with our Office 365 tenant.  Now the users see Microsoft Stream tile on his/her App Launcher believing it is a part of the service we provide with Office 365 and start asking question which we are totally unaware and not ready for.  Please consider the way to disable the service with admin's choice to control the deployment of any new features.  We recognize that newly introduced GigJam Preview does allow us for such control on the tenant level which we highly appreciate.  Thank you.

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To disable Microsoft Stream for entire tenant, you can use the following PowerShell command,


Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowAdHocSubscriptions $false

NOTE: There is no direct method to disable only Microsoft Stream. But as the Microsoft Stream is an email-based subscription, therefore we use the above command to block users company-wide from signing up for email-based subscription as individuals.

@AlexD_mod174422 we are working on an admin feature to disable just Microsoft Stream. We don't have dates but are actively working on that.

It would be good to add ability to selectively disable the license for example in a school environment we would like to restrict who can create Streams.

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Hi gokello,


If you are interested in restricting who can upload content to Microsoft Stream, you can refer to this article where we talk about a new feature which we just released on how to go about doing this - Restricting Uploaders in Microsoft Stream. You may also want to review this blog about additional Admin Capabilities available in Microsoft Stream as well.