Integration with SharePoint On-Premises

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Will companies with SharePoint 2013/2016 on-premises that are not using Office 365 be able to use Stream? 

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I have not tried this case. IMO, if the identities are synced with Azure AD, you can embed the Stream videos in Sharepoint and use it.

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Integration with SharePoint On-Prem depends on how your On-Prem environment is set up.  The following response is a high level and not specific to configurations based on your environment and in that respect is not tested. The full solution would require more indepth knowledge about your specific use case.


Example Scenario:

  • You have SharePoint On-Prem with AD authorization
  • You want to embed Microsoft Stream pages with AAD authorization inside your SharePoint pages 
  • You want SSO when signed into SharePoint to automatically log you into Stream

Potential Solution:

  • You will need to have a connection set up for both sync service and a trust for login between AD->ADFS->AAD. For this, you will use Azure AD Connect. This article shows how to install, configure and customize Azure AD Connect.
  • The above should allow you to redirect (after clicking the sign-in button) the pop-up login page from AAD -> ADFS -> AD to auto-log you in without typing in your credentials
  • If you are already signed into Stream or another AAD product (requiring the same credentials) you should automatically be logged in to view the video.
  • Additonal steps may be required to complete the scenario depending on your specific environment. You should contact us if you have specific questions and we will be happy to help where we can.

As an aside, when using the Azure AD Connect path, users accessing any AAD based resources would now always be sent back (the flow may kick off automatically) ADFS instead of the AAD prompt. This means that your on-prem ADFS service must be highly available.


Please contact us if you have any further questions.