Video creation survey: Help us build better tools for video creation within your organization


Microsoft is investigating the need to offer a set of tools and features to better enable our users to quickly and easily create videos within their organizations.


We are seeking feedback from people within organizations who are responsible for any of their organization’s video creation needs. This could range from just recording your screen, to live streaming, to making marketing videos, and more.


Please fill out this survey or pass it on to others within your organizations who are video creators:


Your responses to this survey will directly help us determine what types of tools and features would best help our customers successfully use and create videos in the workplace.

4 Replies

Oooo! Super exciting!  I've responded and can't wait to hear what the feedback provides.

Excellent survey. I hope you are on it cause this is a growing need and there are only a few minor flaws that prevents this from really taking off.