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I wonder if anyone could help me?  I record many meetings on Teams and use Microsoft Stream to transcribe them.  Do you know if and how I can connect me footpedal to the software, to make the transcription quicker?


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Hi there we are now using the Transcribe feature that is in the Dictate section (drop down) or Word in Office 365. We record every Trams meeting and then Transcribe converts the meeting and differentiates every speaker in the meeting.. A foot pedal can then be used to play, fast forward and rewind. An excellent action to word and it has saved my admin team countless amounts of hours typing up minutes

I have not been able to get my transcribing foot pedal to work with the transcribing function in Word Premium. What is the trick? Are you using another program to work your foot pedal? Thanks.




Hi, I work from home and record Teams meetings to produce minutes for various departments.  Could you explain to me what foot pedal I would need and what software I would need please?