Stream recording video: the cursor couldn't match my video

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Hi there,


I have a problem when I was recording the training video with Stream, I am wondering if there is a fix for this.

I use Stream to create and record my screen, I only recorded my Google Chrome window.

The cursor's position in my finished video is not the same as I recorded. Does anyone know what happened here? The cursor was normal before and when I record other windows are fine, too. 2022-02-21_13h39_07.jpg

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Thank you for reaching out and submitting this feedback. When you said the cursor's position wasn't the same what did you mean? Was the cursor lagging behind? Did it change shape/size? Are you on a PC, Chromebook or a Mac? Do you know your version of Chrome, is it 98 the most recent stable version?

If you recorded again did it work?

The screen recorder is using a recording feature in Chrome/Edge so we pick up whatever the browser records.

Please let us know and thank you for posting the question. We will see if we have had any other reports of this.

@descapa_msft Hi Daniel, thank you for replying my feedback. 

The cursor in my screen doesn't lag behind or change shape/size. After I recorded the screen and pointed at the items on screen, the cursor ended up in a different position on the screen when I watch the video. I am using a dell laptop with Chrome on Version 98.0.4758.102.


It still happens now.

It only happens when I record the window with Chrome or record with Chrome tab. It's normal when I record the entire screen or record the window with other applications.