Streams videos not saving

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After the video recording is complete, Streams gives message that it is saving recording but never completes it. See below. Could it be an issue with the  teams account?




Any insight will be appreciated. This has not happened before. Recordings have been created and saved before with this account.




-Anita Rao


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Not sure if it's related, but there was the following issue in our tenant, this is taking from a health message (MC303287) posted on Dec. 9th.

We previously notified you of an issue via Service Health Dashboard post TM299667, wherein a configuration issue caused a subset of customers’ Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to not upload to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business as expected. Users would have seen a message stating: “Recording failed to upload.”

By design, uploading recordings to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business requires the passing of a user authentication token and we’re unable to re-trigger an automatic upload of affected recordings. While these recordings appear to have failed to upload, affected users can initiate a manual download activity.