Stream Web Part Thumbnails Broken

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With the Stream Web Part, has anyone got the issue where the thumbnails after a while fail to load? Using the F12 tools, I get a series of 401 errors. Clicking on the link to the video works, but in SharePoint Communication Sites the image does not load.


Anyone else getting the issue or raised a support ticket for this?


Paul Bullock

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Adding here @Marc Mroz

@Paul Bullock I have the exact same issue. Here's one of the errors in the console:


Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 ()


@jaknudsen @Paul Bullock  - Please file a support ticket for this issue if it's still happening. If support can't figure it out they'll escalate it up to us in the product group for investigation and we can have the right on call team investigate.


I'm assuming this is happening on a regular basis and not after leaving a page open for a long time? (Stream thumbnail URLs have a time to live on them, so I could see this maybe happening if the page was left open for a long time or something.)

@Marc Mroz For me this is working fine now. 



Thanks for the reply. We are still experiencing the issue on a regular basis, but it seems to be limited to Safari browser. I wonder if this issue is related?

Where du you suggest I file a support ticket?

@jaknudsen Is your issue on the web using Safari? Or in the SP Mobile app itself on iOS?

Using Safari on the web, both in macOS and iOS.

@jaknudsen - I talked with one of the engineers and it seems like this is related to Safari blocking cross site cookies that are needed for the thumbnail to render. You could try changing those settings in Safari and see if that addresses it. If not you could file a support ticket so that support engineers could get traces/logs from your exact issue.

Thank you, @Marc Mroz! I prefer to keep my cross site blocking preferences in Safari. I'll file a support ticket.