Microsoft Stream for High School students?

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I teach in a secondary school where we give 4th year students the option of submitting write-ups in the form of a video as part of their OneNote Class Notebook. So far we found Vimeo the least complicated method (even though it is not straightforward), but I'm wondering if Stream would work instead. What's important is:

1. The students need to be able to film with their smartphones and then upload (I can't see an announcement of a smartphone app yet?) They don't have tablets or individual devices other than their own smartphones.

2. The viewing permission needs to be restricted to only the student and teacher in each case.

3. The students need to be able to upload at least 20 videos

Any help with this would be appreciated!


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Sorry I'm 3 months late in answering you, but answering in case this helps others.


Stream does support upload directly from the camera roll on the phone when using Stream in a mobile browser (chrome/safari). The Stream mobile app (available now in Android Google Play store and coming soon for iOS) doesn't yet have upload but that's next on our list.


The student would have to manually change the permissions of the video to be just shared with the teacher, but yeah this works.


They can for sure upload 20+ videos.

A very belated thank you Mark - I have tried this out and it worked. It would be a lot easier if we could upload on the mobile app - is there a time frame for this to be added?

We are working on upload  from the Stream mobile app now, we don't have a hard timeline we can promise but hoping in the coming quarter or so. 


@Dwyane George is the PM on our mobile app team and can answer further questions if need be.

@Susan French 

Hey, just saw this. You need WeVu




@Fred_Cutler @Susan French - You can capture and upload directly from the Stream mobile app to Stream now. Here are the short steps...

  1. Download the mobile app:
  2. Launch the app, click the + sign, select Create new video
  3. Use the new integrated Flipgrid camera to capture your video and add annotations, drawings, filters, edits, etc. 
  4. Click Upload
  5. On the second Upload screen that comes up, turn the Quick share option off (slide the toggle to the left).



  6. Click the Save as draft button.
  7. Go to the  Stream portal > My content > Videos.
  8. Find the draft video you just uploaded (it should be at the top of the list) and click the pencil icon.


  9. Under Share with, select People, then enter your teacher's name in the Search for People box and click the Publish button.