Inappropriate caption auto-generation

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I'm a high school teacher from Australia. I've been using FLIP teaching for mathematics for a while now. Since our school moved over to microsoft stuff, I started hosting my videos on Stream. The autogenerate captions is ON by default, so I just left them since my students get a kick out of how badly it interprets my Aussie accent. I assumed that whatever dictionary the words were drawn from wouldn't include offensive words or would censor them.

However, just yesterday one of my students pointed out that the autocaptioning was putting "n****r" (censoring mine) into the autocaption without censoring when I said "megalitre". Now, I understand that the autogenerator is completely garbage at interpreting me - that's not my problem - I'm unimpressed that "n****r" is even turning up uncensored, especially when it its being put into a video that couldn't be further removed from that.


Now I have to go through all my videos and turn off the autocaptioning. I recommend Microsoft correct their Autocaptioner. Screencap of video and uncensored captioning is attached.

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