Meeting Video not accessible to meeting attendee who is also a team member

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Hi everyone!

Anyone has experienced this?  how did you solve it? I'm stumpted.

so we have a student who is a member of a team and can access the general channel where the meetings are posted. He can interact in meetings and can access pretty much all areas of his team.. Except he is the only one that cannot access the meeting recordings.

Does anyone know why this could be?

he gets "Hmm.. it seems you dont have access.  It looks like you don't have permission to watch this video".

I have checked the video permissions and he isnt explicitly denied access.

Looking at other teams and their meeting recordings, it seems that unless the recording is set to "allow everyone in the company" he cannot see anything, its very odd because his classmates can see all the videos, yet this person cannot.

This student has the same permissions and group memberships as all the others.


The only option seems to be to go into every possible video he should have access which means likely hundreds of videos for the past few months.

Has anyone come across this and is willing to share the solution?

Thank you


Thanks for any pointers

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We have similar problems; members who have permission can't view the videos. This is is a problem experienced by most (but not all) of my colleagues.


I don't have a solution, but I would like one.


As this problem has happened so often, I now only share videos via OneDrive (upload and then share link).

Still not have found an answer.. did find this small bit of information, but the error message is slightly different:

However i do think its an issue around access, not sure if the policies are the issue or if its something else yet, still looking but finding more and more students that cannot view lessons recordings that in some cases they even participated on!