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Can someone explain for me why I need an encoder (and what it's needed for) and which to choose - when creating a Live Event in Stream - but not necessary when creating a Live Event in Teams? 

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Teams is your encoder when using Teams to create the live event. Stream doens't have a built in encoder so you have to use one. Here are some supported known working ones you can choose from. I use OBS, but there are others as well. Takes some practice but it's not too difficult once you get the URL format right to stream to.

Keep in mind, when using external encoder currently, only internal users can join it. Teams is currently the only option that allows anonymous users to join your Live Event.

@Chris Webb  - I've DL OBS - but can't seem to get it working - choosing Custom and input the server URL - but missing a Stream Key? - can you assist?

its the URL you get on the stream window when you launch it. in obs you pick custom, then the URL for server without the random number key at the end of the URL, put that into stream key. if that don't work put whole URL in server and the random key in the URL in stream key, it's been too long but that's all there is too it. Also make sure you click start stream.

@Chris Webb  - Thank You, Chris :D - it's working now :D  

@Taen kereni am having trouble getting OBS to work. we're wanting to do some testing and it keeps giving me an error whenever i try to start streaming. any help?

Use the whole URL in server and the. The last part of the URL as the key as well. You don’t need authenticAtion
Also I did a demo of this on the Euro Teams Usergroup in July if you want to see how that gets input (and some other goodies) demo starts at 45:36 mark.

@Chris Webbthanks. i'll give it another shot, although i have already tried the URL of the page, the ingest URL, the secondary ingest URL and nothing seems to work. but i'll keep trying.

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Do we know any encoder which can allow to pass the traffic from Proxy (basically Proxy aware Encoder)