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I work at a company with thousands of users, and we have a separate department that focuses specifically on creating transcript files for videos.  If we switch over to Stream and want to use it's auto-captioning feature, who will need to have the E5 license or the add-on feature in order to have those captions generated?  Will everyone in the entire organization need to have the license, or will only that department of people need to have the license. 

I more or less want to know if it is possible to have this department upload videos, generate the captions, and then pass the video off to the respective group of people that will be using it. 

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No matter what the user's license who uploaded or views, if you tell Stream that a video's language is either English or Spanish we'll generate a closed caption file (in WebVTT format) based off of speech to text what was said in the video. 


The video owner can download that VTT file from the edit page, edit them in any tool, and re-upload them to Stream.

Viewers can click the CC button on the player to have those automatic closed caption displayed.


E5 users get this extra:

- Ability to search across screen based on what's said

- Ability to do inline find on the player page based on what's said in the video

- If an owner of the video - edit the automatic transcript/closed caption directly on the player page in Stream without the need to download/edit/reupload the VTT file.



Thank you for replying! If you do not mind me asking, would you know when public video hosting and live streaming are expected to be available? 

Live streaming (RTMP ingest) is actively being worked on right now and will be available sometime this summer or so.


Public anonymous videos in Stream is toward the top of our list but development hasn't started on it. I don't have a great timeline at this point but hoping we get to it sometime Q3/Q4 or sooner.