Stream to embed into Canvas LMS as an LTI integration

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Im SO excited about Stream ! and how it presents such collaborative opportunity between students and faculty for my enterprise University-wide. I am hoping to uncover (if not help lead) advocating a Learning Technology Integration (LTI) solution for embedding Stream Video into our Canvas (by Learning Management System (LMS).


We already successfully leverage Office365 LTI ( for OneDrive Integration and Im hoping to also soon offer this solution in contrast to the baked in solution of Youtube...

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This is very cool. We would love the ability to integrate stream into our canvas courses. Our existing Office 365 Canvas Integration doesn’t seem to include a direct video component… outside of using <iframe> tags in the html editor… which can be cumbersome for faculty.  Sharing permissions also have to be set on each video individually, it seems…

Hello Aaron, 


I have a feature request in for a microsoft stream LTI integration. Currently it has 7 votes, but I'm hoping to increase this to bring attention to the request. (The most popular post only has 104 votes, so it's not a lost cause) If you are interested in helping bring the integration to the attention of the developers, please consider voting here:


Good news but hoping to see further development of the existing Office365 integration to bring it in line with the Google offerings:


Still really need the following:

Ability to embed document on Canvas page

Ability to embed folder of resources

Ability to hyperlink to an Office file linked in a location eg Modules

To have shared files/folders appear in the OneDrive file storage area