Is there eDiscovery and Data Lost Prevention for Stream?

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I am trying to get Stream approved for my company. I wanted to know if there is eDiscovery implemented into Stream and if there is  Data Lost Prevention. I saw on other threads here that eDiscovery was a work in progress. Does this mean that there is one at this time and it is being upgraded or is it just not there yet. 

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AFAIK, you cannot do eDiscovery and DLP in Stream. Adding @Marc Mroz

Correct. We only have O365 Audit Log support for actions taken in Stream currently. We do not have eDiscovery or DLP in place. 


We are working through the plans of how we can make this happen for Stream now. 

@Ashish Chawla is the PM on our team working on this project. 

@Marc Mroz, @Ashish Chawla  Any movement on eDiscovery and/or DLP for MS Stream?