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After uploading a video one can set the permissions. Where (Office Group, Channel) is the video shared If you don't allow everyone in the company to view this video, but share it with specific people?


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Confused by your question? Allow everyone is just an easy way to make it public to the org. The list below is how you share with specific people.

Hi @Chris Webb , my apologies for bringing a vague question (I posted just before closing time). Let me rephrase it (better). Using the permission options one can share a video with the whole org (checkbox) or a specific target audience by selecting individuals, Office Groups or a Channel.
When selecting Everyone, a specific Office Group or Channel it's clear/obvious where the video is actually stored, respectively > Org wide O365 group/channel, a dedicated O365 group/Channel. Hence the question > where's the video file stored in case one shares it with a few specific People > Azure/OneDrive/other/Personal O365 group/Personal Channel/…? Tx

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It's stored in Stream, it has it's own storage. IT goes into "My Videos" which is just basically security trimmed video's you own/admin. They can be assigned to group/channel. But they are all stored inside of Stream's database.

Would I be able to locate these files in my Azure Media Services/Blob Storage tenant or is it proprietary? @Chris Webb 

proprietary. They might release Graph api access at some point but right now no way to access outside of stream.