How to list all the videos to the Microsoft Stream Admin?

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Hello Experts,


We have some videos on Stream and sometimes we need to grant access permission to users.


But, as a Stream Admin, we cannot list all the videos in the admin area. Sometimes users open a ticket and asking for videos access permission, we have to tell users, yes, we are the admin, but we cannot grant that permission because we cannot see that video either. There are two ways to get access permission, the first one is to ask the video owner to grant the access permission to you. Who is the owner? I am sorry that we do not know that either. Or provide the URL of that video and then we can "View in admin mode", and "Edit as admin" to grant access permission to you.


So I am wondering that if it's a possible way that admins can list all the videos in the Stream admin area? or, any possible way that can redirect the Stream video files location to other cloud storage such as AWS S3.



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In-Stream, go to Settings > Admin settings.
Stream admin settings
In the Add an admin box, select a user or a security group.