Can't play video in Stream which was recording from Teams Meeting

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A Teams meeting video uploaded to Stream but couldn‘t be played. Does anyone know the possible reason about this?

This user have done a lot of meeting record and uploaded to Stream before, only this one went wrong.

This video can be played if download it to local driver.

This video can not be replaced in Stream. If the user execution replace action, upload process will be interrupted.



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Hi @Ding_Hao - Please reach out to the support team. Go to the video page in Stream where you see that message, click the "?" in the upper right corner, then scroll down to the support section. See the screenshot for an example.



Thanks for your reply. I will let my user know how to report an issue from video page

Hello @ChrisKnowlton,

Just a quick follow-up question: am I right to conclude that support would be offered not by Microsoft, but by our own organisation? Also, is it therefore possible that I'm not seeing any links where you can actually contact anyone? Getting a bit concerned here, as it seems that Teams hasn't recorded a pretty important lecture... :(



@Ding_Hao  Hi...I also came across similar issues. How did you resolve your issue? 

@Ding_Hao I also have this same issue

I've faced similar problem . 

I used to record the meetings and watch it in the stream or Microsoft teams, but lately it turned into this.

meeting cature.PNG

I can't watch unless I download the video and it expires in 20 days. Have you found any solution for this issue @Ding_Hao ?

@Nazik / @Ding_Hao - there was a change to the Microsoft Education A1 licence which means videos are not automatically added to Stream -

@Nazik @Tracy Haslev @Christo645 


My users tell me that they are able to play that affected video but Microsoft and I have done nothing to this issue (At least I don't know what Microsoft has done due to this). Maybe our company optimized the network connection quality, maybe Microsoft corrected the video URL, or Microsoft upgraded their stream website. :facepalm:


Sorry for not being able to give you a reasonable explanation.:facepalm:


Thanks for your kindly reminder.:smile: