Can I get Stream videos returned in my SharePoint search?

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Sorry if this has been covered already, but I couldn't find any recent updates.


We're only just starting to test Stream.


I'm looking for how we the videos are surfaced in our enterprise search on Sharepoint. That's where people access everything else on O365 (People, Documents, Pages etc.) as well as our current videos which are in a standard Sharepoint library.


You'd think this would be a basic requirement, but from doing some reading around, it looks like it may not possible...?!


Not good news for our search users if that's the case... Any thoughts appreciated... thanks.

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This is not supported today. We are tracking this capability on our backlog but don't have timelines to share right now.

Thanks for the reply.


I'm surprised Microsoft have launched this without considering search integration.


For us, this would really help our intranet users who use a SharePoint as their Google! It means the videos become a bit orphaned off from everything else. It makes Stream a less attractive proposition as a video library in SharePoint at least indexes the files... Hope it becomes part of your release soon!


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Update here: this is one of our priorities for 2018, and we appreciate your patience while we work to integrate with enterprise search (in Sharepoint etc.).


That's good news, thanks for the update. Look forward to seeing the results soon!



Do you have any updates on this search capability? Will this work with both SharePoint Online and On-prem?

We are still in discussions/investigations on how to technically do this. It's going to be a while before we have clear identified path to execute against. This is on our priority for 2018, but has gotten a bit of back seat to other priorities that have committed dates across our team and others within MS. 


We'll need lots more time on this project to know how it will actually work and if it would only be fro SPO or could include SP on-prem.

During some recent testing I was surprised to discover that Stream was not already included as part of SharePoint Online enterprise search.  I had just assumed this would have been in place from day 1.  This turns out to be a reason to keep Office Video functional since moving the content to Stream makes them harder to find.


Hopefully you guys can get the right resources together to make this happen quickly (SharePoint Online - don't care about other platforms).  But I'd recommend you hold off moving Video content to Stream until you get this key component working.

Any Updates to this topic? We are about to launch Stream as our company video portal and it would be great to see that Office 365 search results are incorporating videos and their transcript.

Our company's video content is spread around SharePoint and Stream, with no easy way to migrate from one platform to the other or to search a single platform for the content of both. 

Is there any update to this topic? 

@Adarsh Solanki - Any update on this?  I looked on User Voice but couldn't find an item for this.  I've got a couple of clients that are using Stream on their SharePoint pages but they are anxiously awaiting the capability for those Stream videos to be searched via SharePoint.

Well it's April 2019 and still no update on integrating video searching in SharePoint.  Like most of you, we want to allow our users to find any and all content (i.e., documents, lists, videos, pictures) all from within SharePoint.  Seems like a no brainer.  Right?


I tried to find a short term solution by using the Stream webpart in a modern site.  While this allowed the displaying of certain videos by Stream channel, it didn't resolve the searching from SharePoint.  Strike 1. 


I then decided to use "links" from within a modern document library.  This would keep my videos and documents in one library.   The link could then point to an external URL and I could use other tags to enhance the search experience.  Unfortunately SharePoint modern document library web parts cannot open an external URL, even Stream.  Strike 2.


I then went the list route and created a video library list with links to the Stream videos.  While its not in the same library as the documents and doesn't support folders, I will probably be able to get by using some tag/category fields. 1/2 Strike......


I hope 2019 brings a number of improvements to the modern sites, searching, web parts, etc!

@Adarsh SolankiDo you have any update on this ? We have been waiting for this feature for a while. This has becoming a serious issue for the client after Stream adoption. 

Approaching June 2019.  Any update on this?

agree, most frustrating and Microsoft missing a core functionality for engineering business use. Everything else is integrated with common search functionality. 


Microsoft.... are you there???????????

If video is ever to be a core intranet feature, it is essential people can find the videos. If they're not being returned by search results, what hope do people have?! I guess I'm asking too much to expect the Sharepoint taxonomy to be integrated with it...

Is there any updates on this. It is much better all the items is scope of SPO search.

ok, I'll ask. Its 2021. Has this happened? (or happening?)
Man, I really thought after 4 years there would be a way to connect Microsoft Stream videos into SharePoint Search results. What is the point of utilizing Microsoft Stream if the videos aren't findable via search?

I see that I can search PowerBI results, but not Stream. Hopefully soon, because honestly Videos is a pretty big piece to any Intranet. Please allow this.