LGPO and system services

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So i'm probably missing something rudimentary here, that being said, my bing'fu is failing me.


Here is the scenario:
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Clean install of Windows 10 1909 x64 Enterprise En-US

LGPO 2.2 and a clean download of the Security baseline from security compliance  toolkit.

Executing the following as administrator: BaselineLocalInstall.ps1 -Win10NonDomainJoined and it looks ok from the output. Looking at the Baseinstall logfile nothing stands out.


Looking at the result, registry settings are applied for user and computer, advanced audit policy applies fine, however, the security templates seems off.

For instance, none of the services configured in MSFT Windows 10 1909 - Computer GPO are applied.

Running a gpresult /h test.htm has no settings reported in:

Local Policies/security settings/Security Options or 

Local Policies/security settings/User Rights assignment but looking at secpol they seem applied.


c:\windows\system32\group policy\system32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Microsoft\Windows NT\SecPol is not there (while the Audit folder is).


I've been trying to add for instance AppID.svc to start automatically, also tried with /S for a specific policy to configure just services, but it doesnt seem to fly.


Anyone got some recommendations on what i need to read up on?

Am i missing something obvious?


Thanks a bunch,

Cheers, Trax

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