The true fix for missing Windows 11 Store App.

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Here it is ignore other fixes tried them all they don’t work. I lost the Store App in the upgrade from 10 to 11. Even resetting PC never brought it back. So if that sounds similar to how you lost it do this 20 second fix. 1. Open Xbox App
2. Open settings.
3. Click on General settings tab (left second tab on list)
4. In upper right of screen (window) there will be a list of system bundles that are missing (I had three) click install on all of them. When installed it’s done close app.
5. Open Windows settings and go to Apps tab, then Apps and features (very top) scroll down list your welcome Store is back. Go set a restore point cause who knows what a windows update will do next.
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@Henry05 I don't have the xbox app. Or the Microsoft store. And can't figure out how to get them. You need one to get the other. 

Is there any other way to make windows 11 as stable as windows 10 Pro on other PC's? I don't know why changing an OS (mainly from Windows 10 to 11) always has issues.


There is a faster easy way,


2. Press green Code button and download zip

3. Extract

4. Click to enter to the extracted forlder(maybe one time more)

5. Right Click on Add-Store.cmd as Administrator.

6. Needs 2' to run click any button and at END straight go open the working store(Finaly)