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Previously teams is used by IT people only. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, now schools also started using it. Even we started using it for our Schools. But I wonder how Microsoft missed some basic points while designing teams for education. As of now, I would like to mention these

1. There is no option of locking the screen of attendees. There must be spotlight video available so that all students can see only the teacher writing on board as of physical classroom. This reduces their distractions.

2. There is no option to mute all participants without allowing them to unmute themselves. This is the immediate requirement otherwise the online class itself will be a mess. 

3. The option of report generating after the meeting is not available. We need to download it while the class is going on.

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Hello @rahmanpragati


Some of the issues you see (as well as others) have been voiced on Uservoice

Microsoft is working on several of the topics already as you can see on the feedbacks they are giving e.g. or .


So when ever you see the "We are working on it" there is something happening in the background. There maybe even a public announcement in the Teams blog that a feature is coming and when Microsoft plans to release it but there is no guarantee. 


At the moment features in Teams are coming fast so I can just ask you for patience and maybe you want to check out the Teams community as well for additional insights.

I hope this helps

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