Microsoft Certifications as Educators

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To start the process of acquiring any certifications on Microsoft, you need to:


1) Create an account on Microsoft (outlook, Hotmail or live)


2) Visit this site 



Most people think Microsoft Certifications are mainly for IT/ICT persons, forgetting that " **According to Microsoft* Partners in *Learning* "*


In their 21st Century Learning Design Rubrics, we have 6 important skills that must be put to play:


1) Collaboration

2) Knowledge Construction

3) Self Regulation

4) Real-World Problem-Solving and Innovation

5) The use of ICT for Learning

6) Skilled Communication


So as an Educator, if you don't know how to use ICT for Learning (e.g The tools like Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc). It therefore means you are not digitally inclined.


Microsoft has a platform for Educators and there are lots of 21st Century varieties that can accommodate today's children.


So let's start with 


1) MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator)


To obtain this, go to Make sure you have created your account. Then login.


Once you have landed in your homepage after login, you will see various educative topics that will help us to understand and learn some of the common things we do encounter in classroom and how they can be solved.


You will have to search for *21st century technology*

That is one of the key courses there and it has about 8 modules in it.

You can achieve that this night.

This will now help you in order to grant you access to attempt the MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator).


There are tests to be done for them, so once you pass, you will be navigated to another module...and each one you pass, your certificate is ready.


2) Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE)

You need to certify the MIE first before you can consider yourself qualify for the MIEE programme.

The MIEE needs you to nominate yourself for the programme. It's a yearly thing, twice a year though.

Nominations usually open by May and runs through June. Announcement of successful nominees will be published across the world by late July.

This certifications is tasky than MIE, you will have perform tasks assigned to you or perhaps you can choose a topic of your choice, by creating a video or a presentation and moreso answering some technical questions, which of course may grant you the MIEE nominations lists.


3) Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) 


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