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I completed all the MS Ignite Challenges and I have not received my MS Exam voucher. 


Please can you assist?


Thank You. 

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Hi, Thank you for asking your question here,

The Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge will only provide you with 1 voucherless exam coupon through email used when registering with Microsoft Ignite hence no voucher code will be issued.

If you can't claim your voucherless exam coupon, you can check your email from Microsoft Ignite for any notification regarding the exam voucher and reenter your email again in the Microsoft certification website.

You can also try to clear your cache and cookies on your browser and use incognito / in private browser to check your email address on the portal.

Thank you,

Airil Shah

@suzarilshah Hello. 

Thanks for your response. 

I have checked my email 10 times. I have not received an email for an exam voucher?

I completed all Cloud Skill challenges on MS ignite - this is reflected in my Microsoft Learn page. 


When i try to schedule an exam, i enter my email address to check to see if i have any discounts, and i get the below message


No discount available 

Please can you assist?. took me a while to complete all the cloud skills challenges just so i could get this free voucher?