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Hi All,


I'm hoping to get some clarity around the Surface Management Portal in Intune because unfortunately there isn't much information out there for troubleshooting.


I have a few Surface Laptops that are currently being "Co-managed" between Intune and SCCM (Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Laptop 4). When I go to the Surface Management Portal, there are a couple of weird things happening:

  1. Under Device Information, the count shows 1 Total device (Surface Laptop 3). If I click on the View Report button, both Surface Laptops are displayed in the report.
  2. When I click on the View Report button under Warranty and Coverage, the Surface Laptop 3 shows the "Coverage Status" as expired and the Surface Laptop 4 "Coverage Status" as Unknown (the Surface Laptop 4 is actually covered by a warranty).

I know this is a newer feature released by Microsoft (end of October of 2021 I believe), so would the issue be that the Surface Management Portal doesn't work with the Laptop 4 yet? Is there a way to trigger some sort of sync on the Surface Management Portal to get the information on the Surface Laptop 4 (I've done a sync on the device itself)?


Any help would be appreciated!

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Just in case anyone experiences the same situation, the additional Surface Laptop 4 finally showed up. It took around 24 hours for it to show up.