Can't do MS Learn exercises with personal MS Learn account

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Hi All,

I am doing an MS Learn challenge: Power Platform App Maker Challenge. I am doing the learning material using my MS Learn Account which I've used for other courses.
Before doing the first exercise, I need to create a trial (standard) environment in the Power Platform admin center, with this link: About trial environments: standard and subscription-based - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs
This link says I need to sign into the Power Platform admin center. When doing so with my MS Learn account, it says: 

image 1.jpg

Although the challenge is not related to my school/university account, I can log in with it, but that gives me this error when trying to create the trial environment:
image 2.jpg
Does anyone know how do I go about getting this resolved?
Any help will be appreciated.
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Power Platform needs a work/school/organization account which authenticates against Azure AD. A personal account is OK to access Learn but not Power Platform environment.
It is unlikely that your will have the privileges required in your school account to access Power Platform.
You can do one of two things
a) and click "Existing user? Add a dev environment" and sign in with your school account
b) Create a Microsoft 365 trial and add a Power Platform trial - see my Power Platform trial instructions at