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As currently most of the educational institutions also started using Teams for their organizations. I feel that different dashboards like Organization dashboard, Administator dashboard, Teacher dashboard, parent dashboard, student dashboard.

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@rahmanpragati Yes I agree with you since the usage of teams is very high now and the Teams management should think about it. It would be very easy to organize by using different dashboards. But still most of the organizations are using Zoom and Microsoft has to promote teams to a high end by giving ads or promotions etc.

@sandeeppilli apart from promoting ads, Microsoft has to speed up some priority issues just like "hard mute" (like muting the mic of students without allowing them to unmute themselves), another issue which is more annoying is that even after the class is completed we must end meeting for all and delete the meeting. After that also students are able to join deleted meetings from their personal calendar. Because of this we are facing issue with multiple meetings at a time. One is the actual scheduled meeting while the others are deleted ones'.


Most of the organizations are not selecting Teams only because of the issue that the organizer of the meeting cannot mute students. If this is done, schools using Teams will increase abnormally.

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