How deliver new courses?

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I've been delivering MOC (SQL Server) courses since 1994. I am now preparing for the first new-style course.

(How do we refer to these? MS Learn-course? Role-based course?)

I have access to the course material at Skillpipe.

But I don't see anything on DP-300 on download center.


Is there any document to ease the transition from old-school to new type courses?


One thing is that we don't have slides. I use to have these as an "anchor" for my delivery. What is the "new thinking"? Just scroll the course material in Skillpipe in the web-browser? 

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Hello @TiborKaraszi

The "new" courses are referred to as role based certifications. I just verified the download center and it shows the material of the DP-300 including the PowerPoint slides (release date Aug 7th 2020).

And no you are not meant to scroll through the PDF. 

I hope it helps. Let me know if you cannot find the material.

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Thanks @Rolf-42  !


Got it! Now that I have PPTs, I guess it is just a matter of getting used to have the lab instructions at GitHub. Seems like a minor thing. :)

Hello @TiborKaraszi


A small step for you and a large step into the world of SQL for your students :)

Once a teacher, always a teacher.


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