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Hello, I want to uninstall the ccleaner program on several computers. I wanted to know from Intune how this could be done? On future occasions I want to uninstall other programs, I have seen a detection and correction script that is the following but it does nothing.


$Name = 'Ccleaner'

if ($null -eq (Get-AppxPackage -Name $Name)) {
Write-Host "Ccleaner is not installed"
exit 0
} Else {
Write-Host "Ccleaner is installed"
Exit 1





$Name = 'Ccleaner'

Get-AppxPackage -Name $Name | Remove-AppxPackage -ErrorAction stop
Write-Host "ccleaner successfully removed"
Write-Error "Error removing Ccleaner"


thank you

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Hello @hugo566788 

Welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Recep I'll be happy to help you today.


Instead, you can use the following script to uninstall CCleaner through PowerShell:


$ProgramName = 'CCleaner'

$uninstallString = Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\*" |
Where-Object { $_.DisplayName -eq $ProgramName } |
Select-Object -ExpandProperty UninstallString

if ($uninstallString -ne $null) {
try {
Write-Host "Uninstalling $ProgramName..."
Start-Process "msiexec.exe" -ArgumentList "/x $uninstallString /qn" -Wait
Write-Host "$ProgramName successfully uninstalled."
} catch {
Write-Error "Error uninstalling $ProgramName: $_"
} else {
Write-Host "$ProgramName is not installed."


This script uses the registry to find the uninstall string for CCleaner and then executes the uninstallation silently using msiexec.exe. Please make sure to test this script in a controlled environment before deploying it to a larger number of devices.



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