Removing policy from an iPhone from within Intune

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Is it possible to remove this compliance policy that references the error message from a single device.  We made a slight change and this policy got pushed to phones mistakenly.  We corrected the matter but it was already sent.  The other policies are fine but just hoping there was a way to remove this error to clean things up.  Did not want to have to reenroll the device.   Part of it is my OCD!!!  LOL!

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This is an interesting one and I am not 100 percent sure what happens. Seems strange it really needs a new registration and I never really focussed on it but never noticed this is indeed the case. If I look at the following article it states: 


"When a setting for a compliance policy returns a value of Error, the compliance state of the device remains unchanged for up to seven days to allow time for the compliance calculation to complete correctly for that setting. Within those seven days, the device's existing compliance status continues to apply until the compliance policy setting evaluates as Compliant or Not compliant. If a setting still has a status of Error after seven days, the device becomes Not compliant, or if a grace period has been set for the compliance policy, the device will be marked In grace period."


On possibility is that somewhere after the error and 7 days further down the line, there is some re-evaluation of the 'error setting' and my guess is that it would be notices the Compliancy is no longer applied and the entry disappears. Not sure if this is wishful thinking..