MSI Install Pending - Microsoft support was of no help and it keeps downloading the file daily

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I've tried unsuccessfully to get anything installed with InTune.  I have an MSI that runs perfectly fine with a command prompt using the same command.  I also tried the Win 32 route, failed, and multiple MSI attempts.


It's been sitting at Install Pending for 9 days now.  My PC has zero issues with checkins or update rings from InTune, the Last Modified Time on the MSI keeps updating to current and if I check the C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\mdm folder there are now 9 separate 1Gb file downloads which will forever download until I run out of space or remove myself from the group (which I've now done twice).


I've had a Microsoft Support case but they couldn't figure it out and closed the case.  I have a Microsoft Partner looking at it but they can't figure it out.  They've been given ALL the logs, event viewers, diagnostic logs, but no one can figure it out.

We now have to remote connect to every workstation and manually install this MSI which is ludicrous in 2023.  We moved off of ConnectWise Automate which never had issues installing MSIs and now are stuck with InTune and no way to push installs.  




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I've removed the group from the MSI, rebooted twice, deleted the registry entries I found and still it's showing Install Pending when it shouldn't be trying it at all. I'm trying to do the route of the Company Portal to see if the users can self-install but now can't get my PC to get removed from it.
What is the name of the app? How have you setup? What is the commandline?