microsoft store blocked for new win11 machine

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I have a new surface with windows 11. its AAD joined with intune but never part of our domain.

I have an intune configuration policy to "Use private store only" 

When I open the store I get Microsoft store is blocked.

In the past we've blocked the store with a GPO, but this devices would never have gotten those.

The error code is Code: 0x800704EC  which seems to be very generic.

This is windows 11 enterprise.


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Hi with Windows 11 the Private store functionality is removed. So configuring the option to only use the private store, will make sure the normal store is removed and as the private store isn't there anymore...
Only two of us on win11. can I get the normal store back? I need power bi desktop.
removing the intune configuration policy and running wsreset got the normal store working again.
Hehe i was just typing the same :)