Microsoft Intune SSO embedded browser rendering issue

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We are facing an issue when manually enrolling in Microsoft Intune we are unable to complete SSO. When trying to manually enroll in Intune the SSO window never pops up. The user gets a blank page and when they sign in through the Microsoft account their pop up browser keeps loading. There is no error message and the screen remains blank. This issue is due to the embedded browser (internet explorer) being incompatible with our website ( Is there any workaround here to use a different browser when trying to SSO or is this a possible feature request to support other browsers?

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  1. Azure AD Premium Subscription: Ensure that you have an Azure AD Premium subscription as SSO features are typically part of premium plans.
  2. Configure Azure AD: Set up your Azure AD with the necessary configurations.


  1. Sign in to the Azure portal:
  2. Navigate to Azure AD:
    • In the left navigation pane, select "Azure Active Directory."
  3. Configure Enterprise Applications:
    • Under "Manage," select "Enterprise applications."
  4. Add a new application:
    • Click on "New application" and choose "All" under the "Categories" dropdown. Select the application you want to configure for SSO.
  5. Configure Single Sign-On:
    • In the application's dashboard, go to "Single sign-on" in the left-hand menu.
  6. Select SSO mode:
    • Choose the appropriate Single Sign-On method based on your application. For an embedded browser, you may choose options like "Password-based Single Sign-On" or "Integrated Windows Authentication" depending on the application.
  7. Configure SSO settings:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the necessary settings for SSO. This might include providing URLs, certificates, or other application-specific details.


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I don't think this solution fully addresses the issue at hand. We were able to follow all instructions to SSO using the embedded browser, but due to browser incompatibility we were not able to complete SSO. I believe this is a feature request to support browsers other than internet explorer in the embedded browser for SSO. Can we have some sort of timeline or confirmation that this will be worked on?
If using a different browser does not work, you may need to consider implementing a custom solution to enable SSO between your website and Intune. One option could be to use a third-party identity provider (IdP) that supports SSO with Intune and can be integrated with your website.
Like I said before, we are unable to use a different browser due to the embedded browser defaulting to Internet Explorer. We don't have any option to switch this browser and since our website is not compatible we are unable to SSO.