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Intune - MacOS - Filevault - corporate managed device - Only icloud recovery key upload options

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I have a macbook pro with macos Catalina


It has company portal installed and logged in, the management profile installed and verified. The device is corporate managed.

Device appears in Endpoint manager

Device config only has the gatekeeper (allow apps downloaded from mac app store and identified developers) setting

Compliance policy requires encryption.


On the device in company portal it says not compliant enable filevault as expected.

But when trying to enable filevault, instead of the options to upload the recovery key to company portal, it has icloud only.


What do I need to do to make the filevault ask to upload the key to company portal instead of icloud



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@Braden Kohary 


It appears I needed to change the device from corporate to personal.

I can't see the key in the admin console, but I assume a user that logs into company portal can recover the key from company portal online.