Intune - Encrypt drive by Bitlocker - Error Failed to enable Silent Encryption

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We trying to encrypt all disks using Bitlocker but we have the following error in the event viewer :

Failed to enable Silent Encryption.

Error: Group policy prevents you from backing up your recovery password to Active Directory for this drive type. For more info, contact your system administrator..


Computers are hybrid AAD and AD.


I had already created a GPO with the following summary:



AAD Bitlocker configuration



Thank you for your help... 




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Check out my blog post about this issue:
It will probably help you.
Hello Jeroen,

effectively, i already did what you propose in your blog. I just ommit for "Remove Data Drives" but i think this will not have any affect..

Thank yo u

Hi@Jeroen Burgerhout ,


I don't understand i'm still having an error 65000 in intune but all seems ok from computer and the bitlocker key is saved in computer in azure







What's happening? 


Thank you for your help



The error 65000 is a general error. It will go a way at some point. If it is working, than it is fine for now.

65000 errors are reporting bug related and can be ignored. It's annoying but harmless @JulianAF2380 

Bug bug bug, it's the real name of Azure ?