How do I set background to a device + restart it? (New user/student)

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I made a new user (trial Intune) -> logged into Azure Portal -> made a new user(second) in Azure Active Directory and set the premium licenses (trial) for both the main user, and the second one -> I downloaded "Company Portal" app to a laptop and logged in with the second user.

I went to Intune>Devices>"laptop", clicked on restart and the status after 30 seconds changed to "Complete" although it didn't restart the laptop. Why is that?

I applied the script on both all users and all devices, but nothing happened. Am I missing something? (picture: )
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@Dannyxs What is the status of your device on Intune, does it shows as Azure AD Joined and status as Complaint?


Regarding wallpaper you could use the configuration profile


2020-10-24 14_35_33-Window.png