Chromium Edge and App Enforced Restrictions

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On our unmanaged devices ,we run a conditional Access policy for Android and IOS that forces edge to be used when accessing Office 365 from a browser.


Since the upgrade to Chromium Edge, we have noticed that when accessing a sharepoint site it is possible to download files to the local device (a big no no for us). We have our tenant set to Unmanaged Device Access to "Allow limited - Web access only". and run a conditional Access policy set to enforce App restrictions.

On Windows and MacOS devices, this work perfectly well and you receive the warning about print and download in the browser. And all Apps function as expected when installed.

This worked well with the old version of Edge and indeed we moved to enforce Edge after we could not get the policy to work with Chrome on a mobile device. Does anyone know if this is expected or have we missed something in the policy? Any help would be appreciated.

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